Motorola is my favorite smartphone manufacturer. Whether it’s the hardware or the software, I think, Motorola excels at both. Its ergonomic design and close to stock Android experience added with a few quick benefits like Moto Actions and Moto Display makes their smartphones truly impressive. I mean, I’ve gotten used to my Moto G 3’s Moto Display in such a way that I can’t imagine moving to any other smartphone manufacturer.

Now that I am done praising the Almighty brand, let’s focus on the main discussing point of this article – the built-in photo editor that comes in every Motorola smartphone. I categorize today’s photogenic generation in two categories – 1. The-ten thousand-filter-appliers and 2. The-normal-people.  Fortunately, I fall into the second category. We, the second category, don’t like to edit our images so much that it doesn’t even look real. That’s why, instead of going for image editors like Prisma, I like to go for Snapseed. Recently I tried the photo editor that came with my phone and I must say that it’s pretty awesome; if all you want to do is the basic editing.

Motorola Built-In Photo Editor

To use the default photo editor, open any image in the gallery app (it does not have to be the one that came with your phone. I am using QuickPic), open the editing option and select photo editor in the options. The default one will have the tag of “Photo editor” and an icon of the gallery app.

Once in there, you’ll get ten basic filters like black and white, vintage, blue, latte, etc. You also get 11 frames, settings like crop, straighten, mirror, rotate, and draw, brightness, contrast, curves, hue, saturation, etc. This photo editor also has an undo function and it is not limited to just one or two corrections. You can undo as much as you want. Once you are done, you can either set your settings as a preset or save the image on your device.

I have used the word basic whenever possible just to tell you that even though it is a fully fledged photo editing app (your definition of a fully fledged photo editing app may differ from mine), it lacks some options which many are using these days (background blur, for example). It is no way capable of taking over the likes of Prisma and the others but it packs enough good stuff that it’s worth a try.

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