A few years ago when Google acquired Motorola all other major tech manufacturers started being worried that Motorola’s devices would receive important software updates ahead of everyone. Well, this was proven not to be true since Google quickly sold the company’s right over to Lenovo. Nonetheless, Motorola’s smartphones are still running on Google’s Android operating system and they still rely on Google’s updates.

In regards to Android updates, recent reports have been pointing out that Moto Z Play users are the next ones in line to receive Google’s latest Android 7.0 Nougat. Rumor has it that Moto Z Play would receive the major software update on March 4th but now it looks like that might not be the case. Motorola announced on its official Deutschland Twitter page that the Moto Z Force lineup are the ones to receive the update on March and Moto Z Play will receive it earlier.

Motorola Deutschland stated that Android Nougat will actually be rolled out for Moto Z Play devices by the end of January. This is great news because this is Google’s biggest software update as of today and it brings huge improvements to the device’s user experience. Today we’ll go together over a few major aspects Android Nougat will improve.

Right from the start we’ll go over a few user interface improvements. One of the biggest changes brought by Android Nougat in terms of user experience is the fact that the notification panel has more features now. Moto Z Play owners will be able to directly answer to a text message or social media notification straight from the panel. Additionally, from now users will have the option to opt in to receive group notifications.

In terms of hardware enhancements, the most important ones is the addition of Doze Mode. Using this feature the Android powered device will be able to automatically close background apps when they are not used. This leads into a major increase in battery life expectancy. Also, Doze Mode has been designed to not close apps if the device’s screen isn’t off and if the processor isn’t on standby.

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