This is the most accurate name for an app ever. Trivia Crack, trivia (if you don’t know) is a bunch of useless facts that you would have no use outside of trivial games.  And crack is a highly addictive drug that will ruin your life. This game does both.

Trivia Crack is a social game, you get a question and you have to choose the correct one out of  the four answers.  You can either play with a random person or with friends on facebook or you find inside the app.

I highly suggest NOT connecting the app with facebook or playing with actual friends.  It is like monopoly, somebody always gets mad and throws the board.  With randoms it is fine because you can just ignore them.  But when you have to go to class, or they currently are borrowing your Playstation, it is just not good.

This game (like a drug dealer) is great at deceiving you.  At first you feel like you are smart, you can take any opponent that will take you on. You can take the world in the palm from your hands. But then the next round you don’t even get one question right.  You lose horrifically at the draw of your friend.  You get mad, they get mad, then five years of friendship is ruined over 20 minutes of gameplay.

The game consists of two game modes. First one you play against one other person, this is the “classic”  mode, that is basicly “spin the wheel and see what category you get.”  If you get three questions right, or you land on the crown, you can either answer one question for one character, or challenge the opponent for one of their characters.  Challenging them would consist of some questions being asked and whoever wins gets the others character.

I talk alot about these characters… Well they are a basically trophies for each subject that look like a little cartoon.  They consist of science, art, history, entertainment, sports, and geography.  If you get all six before the end of a game you win. A game consists of 25 rounds, if you spin and get a question right you keep spinning until you get one wrong. if nobody gets 5 characters in 25 rounds, the win is given to who has the most. 

The seccond game type is a “challenge,” you either need ten friends with this game or play with ten random people.  There are around 12 questions that you (and everybody else) answer, whoever gets the most right wins the game.

Choose what game mode wisely, you are given hearts that you have to use for each game you start.  Challenges take about ten minutes for the game to end and about two minutes to actually do the questions.  Classic mode can take days if somebody is not playing the game or a couple of hours if you are sitting next to a person and solely playing that game.


Now the bad, besides turning you into a hermit, this game has a lot of “pay to win” stuff.  You can wait an hour to get a heart, or you can pay a dollar for a recharge.  It doesnt sound like much but the fact is that you have to pay.  In a game that is ran by ads.  Another thing is you can spend coins (that you earn or pay for) to do things like skip questions, second guess, and so on.  Because you can earn these coins, that makes it acceptable, but using one of these “bonuses” is basically cheating.  what is the fun in not getting a question wrong?  This game is more entertaining when you learn from it.

Final verdict: it is an Android crack-house. Enter at your own risk.

Trivia Crack Price: Free


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