Originally an iPhone4 theme, the Senses HD was ported to Android (MIUI V4) by a Russian guy named Evant a month and half ago. With the new developments  in MIUI ROM and support for only purely .9.png format images, many themes became partly compatible as some of the elements were found missing when the themes were applied. The present theme suffered from the same disease. Thanks to a Chinese modder East Zai Zai who took pain to convert some of the non-.9.png files so as to make this theme run perfectly with latest MIUI V4/JB ROMs.

As you can see in the screenshots, the Senses HD theme is a dark theme that looks really beautiful. Weather it be the lockscreen, the homescreen widgets and icons, the dialer, or other elements of the MIUI framework, it has a premium touch. Download the theme and copy the file to MIUI/Theme folder on your phone’s SD Card and apply from theme manager or directly from the file explorer.

In the light of some recent feedback from our visitors regarding the MIUI theme manager asking for authorization to get the theme applied, I would recommend you to flash back to MIUI ROM version 2.10.26 for hassle free use.



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