Minimalist Blue, as the vary title proclaims, is a minimal style theme that is very clean and finished. It has a simple lockscreen with a stunning background. The digital clock on the top edge of the LS looks fresh. The LS also shows weather status but it requires MIUI weather app installed on your device. The theme-maker whose name is One to Wife 1573 (translated) has used Tita HD icons that are marked by plainness. The theme is inspired by YUI Blue theme for MIUI and used elements from several other themes. The most beautiful element of the theme that I like personally is the icons use at Notifications Toggle panel.

The theme also features a modifies version of office free desktop theme. To launch it swipe your two fingers from top to bottom on the homescreen and to go back to normal mode bottom to top.

Minimalist Blue is compatible with all Android phones running MIUI V4 and JB ROMs with HDPI and XHDPI screen resolution. The theme also features a boot screen and a 2×4 digital clock for the homescreen. Download the theme and copy the mtz to MIUI/Theme folder on the SD Card, then apply it from Theme app.

Download Minimalist Blue V4



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