Here is the MEIZU MX Revamped V2 lockscreen theme for your Android device on MIUI ROM made by picard666 from XDA. The theme is compatible with only MIUI Gingerbread ROMs, so do not try it on MIUI V4. This is an all-in-one LS theme that gives you access to all necessary info on your lockscreen. The LS theme depends on 9s Weather (Advance) app for weather data, so you must install and configure it.


  • Based on MEIZU MX lockscreen
  • HDPI compatible (should work on 800×480, 854×480, qhd 960×540 and possibly even galaxy nexus 1280×720 – can anyone test that?) – smaller
  • Unlock by sliding up
  • When using the phone/SMS unlocker you can see a list of last 3 calls/messages (you can read the SMS’s)
  • Activate controls with the small icons: music control (no auto show)/weather/calendar/close all
  • Weather shows the current weather if clicked on the current condition’s icon, a 3-day forecast is shown
  • Calendar tab shows the next 3 events (those that are not all-day events)
  • Needs MIUI 2.1.6 or higher needed plus 9s-Weather (Advance) widget
  • V2 now supports F/C in one file, plus it has an optional unread Gmail indicator: glows orange if you have unread Gmail messages.

 MEIZU MX Revamped v1 (Celcius)


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