MeeGO v5_1.0.0.3

The MIUI V5 has already been released for a bunch of Android devices and the versions for quite a number of other phones are being tested right now. I has been a long time since I last flashed a MIUI ROM on any of my phones so I am not sure that this translated version of Meego theme for MIUI V5 would work or not.

If any of you have a device with the latest MIUI, please let me know. The N9 Meego style  themes are very popular among smartphone users across various platforms and if you are a Meego fan, you would certainly like this theme with clean look and beautiful icons. It’s is a light theme with nice look. The first Meego theme for MIUI was made by Tungi91 from XDA and later it received treatment from a host of modders. I remember myself making a theme using these icons.

Meego Theme for MIUI V5 has been made by a well-known Chinese theme-maker named PigTEL who has made a number of themes for MIUI. The original theme had Chinese so I had to poke my nose into it to translate it.

Download the theme from below and copy it to the Theme folder on your SD card, then apply from Theme manager.

Download: MeeGO v5_1.0.0.3.mtz


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