I love playing puzzle games. Throw in lots of levels that force me to use my brain, beautiful graphics, calming and pleasant music, and I’m ready to spend a few bucks and spend my whole day playing it, reducing my productivity to zero. That’s what happened with Leo’s Fortune, Monument Valley, and Framed. Those games, in my recent memory, made me forget I got tons of work to do. Maestria is another puzzle game that fits in my required profile. It has 160 levels, beautiful graphics, and a calming soundtrack.

First, let’s get something out of the way – graphics of Maestria resembles that of Monument Valley. It’s majorly similar. But that’s the only thing that’s similar, the whole gameplay and puzzle mechanics are completely different. In the game, you play as Fugue, a musical superhero (?). Your mission is to bring back harmony to the world and it can be done by ringing bells. Weird concept, I know. But it’s awesome and is difficult enough to make you use your brain.


There are 160 levels and in each level, you get few bells which you have to ring. Before the start of each level, you get a rhythm or an order in which you have to ring the bells to clear the level. To make things a bit simpler, you can move Fugue around and in some levels, you can move the bells too. Once you are done arranging everything and are sure you have found the correct order to play the sound, tap on Fugue and he (she?) will release a sound wave from the wand and bells will begin to ring as this sound wave passes through them. Play the sound in given rhythm to clear the level.


As of soundtrack, I must say it’s soothing and calming. It’s definitely one of the best I’ve ever heard in an Android game. I’ll recommend to plug in an earphone and turn up the volume to get the best out of it.

Maestria has been available on Android since last year. But it was a paid app back then. It used to come with a cost of $2 and had no In-App Purchase. Recently it went free. I think it either means In-App Purchases are about to be introduced or further development of this game has stopped. Anyway, Maestria is really awesome and you should definitely try it even if the further development has stopped.

Maestria Price: Free

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