There is no denying that smartphones are one integrated part of our lifestyle and it’s very hard to imagine a day without carrying a smartphone with us. With the growing ease and comfort of the portable gadgets like smartphones, almost every important data is either stored in the device or the cloud to make it accessible all the time. However, the feasibility also comes with vulnerability where others can just browse through your confidential data if you’re not alert and the after math would be useless as the damage would already have occurred.

In my opinion and from my personal suggestion, I would like to use some security layers added on my device to make it secure when I am not around. Security apps made this task a lot easier than to regularly monitor my device’s safety and app locking apps made it much more flexible that I can leave my device with someone without the constant fear in my head. Well, there are many great security apps in the Google play store and most of them use either a password, pin or pattern to lock the apps. However, some good apps use face unlock feature to lock apps which is not so consistent at time but did fine in my trails.

The current smartphone trend bought a tremendous hardware support for the smartphone with the inclusion of sensors like fingerprint sensor and other hardware which keeps our device’s secure with bio metrics. It’s no longer a movie thingy to unlock devices with bio metrics as we have few devices with working fingerprint scanners on some of the Galaxy devices like Galaxy S5, Note 4 etc.. which gives us a peek of the future. However, the security is just limited to unlocking device not the individual apps but the good news is that we have an app that could just do the same.

FingerSecurity is an security app that works on Samsung devices with fingerprint scanners and it can lock apps with the fingerprint. This app brings on great piece of security which lets us lock parts of your device rather than fully locking it out. FingerSecurity also comes with a load of options to make the thing much smoother like a widget to quickly enable/disable the service, an alternative password if your fingerprint scanner goes buggy, custom settings for individual apps and most importantly multiple themes. Get a quick look at the app from the below screenshots:



FingerSecurity App Features

  • Widget for quick enable / disable service
  • Timeout to allow short absence or absence till you lock the screen
  • Location based security so that you don’t have to unlock your apps when you are at home (WiFi and Bluetooth).
  • Advanced Security to prevent uninstall
  • Auto protect new apps
  • Hide UI for finger scanner
  • Alternative password
  • Custom per app settings
  • Protect Notifications(after ticker text)
  • Use themes
  • Use Specific Fingers to unlock different apps

The app looks pretty cool (Although, I didn’t get a chance to use it) but as every other security app, this one got some loop holes. Few users reported that the app can be disabled by force stopping it from settings but you can lock the settings anyway to prevent this. But if you’re fast enough to operate between app transitions, you can access few information from apps like the posts, comments, messages or even passwords. Putting the slightest bugs, the app is a nice extension to the stock fingerprint security in Samsung devices. It would be great if Samsung integrate this feature in the next flagship.(Hopefully in further updates for existing devices)

You can download the app from the download link below, it’s free but you can always donate to the developer.

FingerSecurity Price: Free

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