Xposed Framework was recently released for Android Marshmallow. Though the development of Xposed for Marshmallow is in early stages, it seems many modules are already working fine for the Marshmallow build. Xposed Framework lets you add specific features, by installing modules, to your system without installing a custom ROM. You may read the article linked below to read more about Xposed Framework and also about the update for Marshmallow.

Read: Devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow now support Xposed framework

If you have already got yourself a device supporting Marshmallow and have successfully rooted the device, there are chances that you have also installed Xposed Framework on your device or want to install it. Well if you have installed Xposed successfully on your device, the next step for you is to install modules and start having fun with your device. You might have tried few modules, some may have worked and some may not have. Well, what you need is the list of modules that shows which modules would probably work with no issues on devices running Marshmallow.

XDA Senior member f41lbl0g comes to our rescue by making a thread that lists all the modules which work or do not work. You may head over to this thread to keep yourself updated with the list.

Warning: Installing Xposed framework might lead to instabilities, only you would be responsible for any harm that it causes to your device. Also, make sure to backup your ROM before installing a new module, so that you could revert back  to it if the new module causes issues.


The following modules seems to work fine on devices running Android Marshmallow:

  • 20 MP Superior Auto
  • ACDisplay
  • ActivityForceNewTask
  • Amplify
  • App settings (pylers build)
  • App ops Xposed
  • BootManager (possibly SIM bugs)
  • Bright Lockscreen
  • BubbleUPNP’s Audio cast
  • Burnt Toast
  • Chrome New Tab
  • Chrome PIE
  • Clarity
  • Cool tool
  • Copy toast
  • CrappaLinks
  • Disable Proximity Sensor
  • Disable su indicator
  • DoubleTapToSleep
  • Enabled notification ticker
  • Enable ambient display Xposed (beta v1.2.3)
  • EnhancedToast
  • Gmail attachment size
  • Flat Style Bar Indicators
  • Flat Style Keyboard
  • Flat style colored bars
  • Flying Android
  • Force Fast Scroll
  • Force immersive mode
  • GravityBox MM
  • Greenify (use latest beta)
  • Hide Carrier Label
  • LWInRecents
  • Lockscreen music art remover
  • Materialised Xposed (working for some)
  • Maxlock
  • Min min guard
  • Minimum brightness
  • NetStrength
  • Network Speed Indicator
  • Neversleep
  • No Lock Home 2
  • No device check
  • Nowakelock
  • NotifyClean
  • Play Store Changelog
  • Powernap
  • ReceiverStop
  • RecentApp Clear
  • QuickPic2Gallery
  • Root cloak
  • Screen Filter
  • Serajr Blurred System UI (1.1)
  • Snapcolors 3.4.12
  • Status Bar Download Progress
  • Statusbar Scroll to Top
  • Swipeback 2
  • Swype Tweaks
  • Tumblr Adaway
  • Unicon beta
  • Unwatch
  • Xcooldroid
  • XXSID Indicator
  • Xnotifications
  • Xposed GEL Settings (beta)
  • Xprivacy
  • Xstana
  • YouTube adaway
  • Zoom for instagram

Partially working:

Modules listed below partially work, i.e. some of the features may work of a module or it may be working for some users and not working for others. Install the following after making a backup of your ROM only or you may regret afterward.

  • Awesome popup player (working for some)
  • Boot manager (working for some)
  • Gesture Navigation
  • Gravity box (http://forum.xda-developers.com/show…&postcount=256)
  • Moto Checkbox
  • Restore notification ticker on Lollipop (Prevents heads up from working, but doesn’t show ticker text)
  • Snapprefs (apparently working on newest Xposed)
  • Wanam kit
  • XBridge
  • XInternalSD
  • XToast (working for some)
  • Xinstaller

Not Working:

The following modules are not working as of now, installing them might lead to boot loops and unstable system. Installing these modules is not recommended as of now.

  • Audio BT
  • Audio balance
  • Audio streams music default
  • DynamicAlarmIcon
  • Exchange Security Bypass
  • Hideable Nav Bar
  • iFont
  • IMEI Changer
  • Lockscreen Widgets (widget not detected by Zooper)
  • Lollistat (enables but doesn’t tint)
  • Mobile radioactive fix
  • Niwatori
  • PinNotif
  • ScreenshotDelayRemover (no effect)
  • Shortcut in app info
  • Statusbar download progress
  • Tinted Recent Panels
  • True Silent Mode
  • Volume steps+
  • Wifi Filter
  • XGPM
  • Xinsta (bootloop)
  • Xtended Nav Bar (does not control music)
  • Xposed torch
  • Xposed Gesture Navigation (installs but no function)

The list of not working modules mainly consists of Audio and Power related modules, it  should decrease in size as time passes and that of the working modules would definitely increase. Be patient and wait for awesome devs to make them working on Marshmallow.

You may report other modules not listed here and tell us in the comments section below whether they are working or not. Also, let us know your favorite Xposed modules or the one’s you use the most.

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