The trend of stuffing new phones with more and more bloat apps has been growing among all major manufacturers. We all like apps and keep looking for new and interesting ones all the time. We love to have useful apps but do we really feel the same sense of affection for the host of apps imposed by OEMs? Certainly, not!

Most of you might be aware that manufacturers make fat income out of shipping 3rd-party apps that promote various kinds of online services and resources. If your phone has come with Amazon or Ebay apps pre-installed, for example, rest assured that the OEM have already received their commission for the nasty act.

Most of such pre-installed apps are usually of little or no use. No wonder, tolerating such useless apps in the app drawer feels so irritating. If you own the all new LG G4, you must be wondering about a safe way to get rid of the system apps (also known as bloatware) from the OEM.

If you got a rooted LG G4, you can easily remove or freeze the bloat apps using a root file explorer or Titanium Backup. In case you don’t have root privilege, you can still disable useless system apps. Since disabling some system apps might result in some other errors or FCs, many people hesitate to mess things. It’s where Dennisg34’s list of safe to remove bloat apps might help you.

Safe to Remove Bloat Apps on LG G4

Note: Please not that the list provided below consists of almost all LG G4 system apps and services that can be safely frozen. It’s you who has to determine which apps you want to get rid of.

LG Apps and Services:

  • AmazonAppStore
  • AmazonKindle
  • AmazonMP3
  • AmazonMobile
  • Backup Agent
  • Calendar
  • DT Ignite
  • Dual Window 20150320L
  • ELTest
  • GCUV
  • LDB
  • Leccp
  • LG Backup
  • LG Bridge Service
  • LG Health
  • LG Health Agent
  • LG Intelligent Agent
  • LG VoiceCommand SpeechPack
  • LGApduService
  • LGMapUI
  • LGSetupWizard
  • LGSmartCardService
  • LGSmartCover
  • LGWernickeManager
  • LGWfdsServices
  • LIA Informant
  • LIA S4URecommender
  • LLKAgent
  • Maluuba QVoice Interface
  • Music
  • Music
  • QuickMemo+
  • Retail Demo Mode
  • Setup Wizard
  • Setup Wizard
  • SlackerRadio
  • SIM Toolkit
  • Smart Cleaning
  • Smart Notice
  • Smart screen
  • Smart Tips
  • System Updates  (Freeze to block OTA updates)
  • Tasks Storage
  • Video
  • Video Trim
  • Voice Command
  • Voice Mate
  • Voice Mate Engine
  • Voice Mate Speech Pack
  • Weather
  • Weather Platform
  • Wfd Service

Verizon Apps and Services:

  • com.verizon.permissions.qos
  • com.verizon.vzwavs
  • MyInfoZone
  • MyVerizon
  • VZCloud
  • VZMessages
  • VZMobileSecurity
  • VZNavigator
  • VZWAPNService
  • Verizon Location Agent
  • VzWSMSFilter

Misc. Apps and Services:

  • ActionManager Service
  • Emergency Alerts
  • EULA
  • Email
  • Exchange
  • FaceLock
  • FormManager
  • Google Play Books / Movies / Music / Games / Newstand
  • Google Drive / Chrome / CloudPrint / Maps / Hangouts / G+
  • SmartShare.DLNA
  • SmartShare.MediaServer
  • SmartShare.Provider
  • SmartSharePush
  • Tags
  • TalkBack
  • IMDB
  • NFL Mobile

How to Disable Bloat Apps on LG G4

Well, this part is really easy. Most of the apps listed above can be disabled from by going to Settings> Application Manager> All and then by tapping the Disable button. Besides, you can also use the Debloater Tool for the purpose. Root users can use Titanium Backup app to freeze the desired apps.

Titanium Backup ★ root needed Price: Free


  1. NOT SAFE. The list is wrong. I deleted the listed apps and got “security error authentication fail #9”

  2. Does no one know what these odd new apps do? LIA Informant for instance. No info but lots of safe to disable or remove. If you don’t know what it does then how do you know it is safe to stop it? Sure, you’re device won’t be knowingly adversely effected but what if it’s for future upgrades or something running in the background that helps memory or cpu stay cool?

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