Link Bubble, the popular floating window web browser has got its major update and it’s not exactly the features I am talking about. A few weeks ago the app creator Chris Lacy announced the browser was getting a new anonymous owner. And yesterday, the mysterious new owners has made the app completely free to download. It is noteworthy that the Link Bubble app was earlier costed at somewhere around $5 and was considered one of the costliest app on Google Play Store.

Link Bubble is unlike other web browsers and redefines the easy of use on smartphones. For people who browse web frequently or click links from various apps, opening multiple links at once and dealing with them later is very useful rather than switching between app and browser multiple times. Moreover, you don’t have to wait until the page loads, the browser will let you know once the page loads. Until then you can use other apps at ease.


This browser also lets you load multiple links from any app without closing the current app. Other useful features of Link Bubble are reader mode, light/dark themes, integration with other apps and many more. The only let down which was the price which is now completely dropped down and you get all the pro features for free. If you don’t know what features you’re getting now, here’s the list of pro features which are free now.

  • An infinite number of bubbles (tabs)
  • Themes based on website color
  • Article mode
  • Article mode for Android wear

The new owners are also offering refunds to the users who bought the pro version of the app since its acquisition on August 4th, 2015. If you’d like a refund for the recently purchased Link Bubble app, just drop a mail to [email protected] with your transaction ID. This bold move reflects that the Link Bubble is now focusing on building a strong user base rather than monetizing on everything. Since the acquisition, the app got frequent updates and bug fixes as well which is a great news for bubble users.

Considering the new turn of events, the future of the app is going to be secure and we have got a fabulous browser for free. If you’d like to install Link Bubble on your device, you can download it from below link:

Sorry, this app is not available!

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