LG is turning heads with its unique rollable design keyboard which can fold into a portable stick that can easily fit into pockets. With Rolly Keyboard, LG’s looking into increasing its mobile accessories market. LG’s Rolly Keyboard (model KBB-700), which is a QWERTY keyboard, folds up along the four rows of the keys and creates an easy-to-carry stick like structure that fits into any pocket, briefcase, purse etc. making it very handy. LG will present it’s first solid rollable wireless portable keyboard at IFA 2015 in Berlin, Germany.


LG claims that its comfort is unbeatable as “its 17mm key pitch is nearly as generous as the 18mm key pitch found on most desktop keyboards”. Rolly features high-contrast keys and also possess a fold-out mobile device stand to provide you with a laptop or notebook like experience.

The built in mobile device stand supports Smartphones and Tablets which supports smartphones and tablets in an upright positions. Made of impact-resistant and durable polycarbonate and ABS plastic, typing on the keyboard offers satisfying tactile feedback which may not be feasible on silicone keyboards.

Rolly Keyboard comes with Bluetooth connectivity which also features Dual-Pairing. Using Dual Pairing you can pair two devices at once and switch connectivity among them. For instance, if you want to connect to your Smartphone and not the Tablet, then you can easily disconnect from your tablet and begin your operation on your phone just by pressing”Fn +D” key.

Rolly keyboard has some Smart inbuilt functions like Auto On/Off  and Auto Connect which make it battery efficient. Moving to the battery standby; LG Rolly’s single AAA battery powers the keyboard for up to three months of average use. So you can keep the charger away for long time.


LG’s Rolly Keyboard is specially targeted at Android smartphones and tablets. However, as it has Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, we may also see it functioning with PCs. The Rolly Keyboard will make its debut in September in the United States followed by Europe, Latin America and Asia in the fourth quarter. Although LG has not yet revealed the prices and details of availability Prices, visitors to IFA 2015 will be able to have a closer look at the LG Rolly Keyboard.

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