3. OxygenICSv by Popdog123


The most “barebones” ROM ever is simply lightweight, fast and awesome. It’s ICS and it has only the bare minimum of everything, thus the name.  Minimalistic in its approach, its been the favorite of many! If you like a zappy ROM which is minimal in all sense, without the often unused bells and whistles, then this is for you !! AND, what more ?? OTA UPDATES ! yes, you heard that one right.  You get direct over the air updates delivered to your through, of course, air. Its a highly optimized AOSP(android open source project) ROM with only a few changes here and there. There will be no new feature addition. If u want more a feature packed ROM, I seriously think you are better off with MIUI or CM9. This is for those simplistic souls out there who just wanna bask in pure Google glory.

From the Developer himself :

[quote type=”large” align=”center”] The rom includes an OTA (Over The Air) Update app. This means that you will get a new update whenever it is released and you don’t need to download it manually from the download source. You will receive a notification on your phone and you can download the rom and flash it right away. (Requires: internet connection, Google Account for push notifications and custom recovery [I’ve tested ClockworkMod but others should work as well])[/quote]


  • OTA Updater !!!
  • Simply light.
  • Everything(almost) just works.
  • No bloat.
  • Fast, snappy.
  • Minimalistic.
  • Panorama works.

What doesnt quite work :

  • No proper hardware decoding -> same as all ICS ROMs.
  • No mic when using headphone. –> same as all ICSs ROMs.
  • Sometimes no content in Facebook / Instagram app.
  • Bug fixes in CM9.1 are yet to be entirely implemented.

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