The Optimus G is one of the most powerful Android smartphones from LG. The phone received generous treatmnet from reviewers because the device really deserves that. It was released long after the Galaxy S3 and despite the fact it houses more features than the S3, the Optimus G could not gain the hyped popularity like that of its competitor.

One of the features that can make anyone pine for it is the hole and drop effect of its lockscreen. Unfortunately, the Optimus G lockscreen has not yet been ported to other Android phone due to the difference between the frameworks of Optimus G and that of other phones. It’s very muck like the difficulty of porting Samsung’s ripple lockscreen to other phones.

Things become easier, however, when you have to port an app or feature from one device to other phones with the same OS version by the same manufacturer. There was a time when the ripple lockscreen was considered one the most coveted features to have on an Android device but  if you have seen that gorgeous drop or the magical hole effect that gives you a glimpse of the screen below the LS on the Optimus G’s lockscreen, I am sure any other LS theme will taste stale to you.

The users of the Optimus 4X HD should feel themselves lucky as the lockscreen from the Optimus G has now been ported to their device by a modder named Hansey. The ported LS can be installed via a custom recovery like ClockworkMod and that means you phone must be unlocked and rooted. If you have not yet rooted your Optimus 4X HD yet, you can do it using our easy tutorial.

Another requirement your phone needs to fulfill is that it should be on official Android 4.1.2 firmware.



LG Optimus G Pro Wallpapers

How to install:

  1. Download the “LG 4X” file from above and copy it your device.
  2. Reboot your Optimus 4X HD into CWM recovery mode.
  3. Backup your current ROM using “backup and restore” option.
  4. Go back and flash the zip using “install zip from sdcard” option.
  5. When it is installed, go back to main menu in recovery and select “reboot system now”.

When the phone boots up, you should be able to enjoy LG Optimus G lockscreen on your Optimus 4X HD. Cheers!



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