Using an Android tab? Bored of its looks and feels? So, let this amazing launcher accompany your tablet and redefine its beauty. The Chameleon Team is determined to give the tab users a better user interface which has the ease to operate and the power to distinguish from other launchers.

This launcher is featured for tablets and tablets only. If you try this on any other smartphone, then you are not so smart enough to experience the beauty. The current builds (versions) are basically “Early Builds” or “Beta” which have very limited features. For the time being until Chameleon Launcher goes stable, it is being offered “free of cost” for the kick-starters & pre-order customers. But the team itself states that the full version of this launcher shall be paid for the new customer. If you are a new customer, then do proceed to to order Chameleon, the buyer/ customer shall then have the beta-invite and registration procedure.

New Customer? Need To Unlock Chameleon?

If you are a kick-starter /pre-order customer, then you shall receive an email regarding the instructions within 1 business day. But if in any case, you haven’t received the mail, please don’t worry. Chameleon will definitely get back to you as soon as possible.

Experiencing issues?

Any bugs and problems should directly be concerned with the Chameleon Support Team: HERE

Current Version: 0.9.5 (Release Candidate)

Released On: September 17, 2o12

Requires: Android 3.2+

Included In This Build:

  • Added Dashboard Manager animations when adding/deleting a Dashboard.
  • App Tray icons no longer get cut-off by some devices.
  • Additional start-up time improvements.
  • Fixed a major bug in the web views used for widgets causing bloated memory.
  • Home Screens now go into an ‘Sleepy’ mode when inactive for a period of time.
  • Fixed issue where widgets still sometimes appeared blank (fingers crossed).
  • Fixed issue where widgets sometimes appear to be continually loading.
  • There is now a max of only 4 home screens.
  • Added “Shout-Outs” section, to make our Kickstarter backers famous! Thanks for the support.
  • Can now post tweets/updates from Twitter and Facebook Widgets when the native apps are installed.
  • Added, updated and finalized the default Chameleon wallpapers.

Upcoming (Features being worked on):

  • Gmail widget is still blocking a lot of authentication requests.
  • Google+ widget is coming soon.
  • Calendar widget is coming soon.


Bug Submission

Chameleon Launcher [Google Play Store]

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