gameWe have known that Android as an operating system has been known for its customization as well as its uniqueness and there are billions of smartphones around the world that run Android OS in its core. It is also known that approximately 90% of the world’s population runs a smartphone which is based on Android which speaks about the popularity of the Android OS. However, not every Android smartphone around the world looks and feels the same like iPhones do. The reason for this is that there are various OEMs which develop their smartphones with Android as their operating system as Android is an open-source operating system and no one can claim rights to it.

Now, there are millions of applications that are available on the Google Play Store which is the default store for downloading apps same as Apple app store for iOS devices. Apart from the general apps, we can also find various games on the Google Play Store which are based on Action, Logic, Skills and other categories and one such game which requires Logic has been reviewed by us below which is known as Laser Board puzzle game for Android and the application has been developed by Viktor Bohush. 

Once you download and install the Lazer Board Puzzle game, you will have to tap on the application and you will be redirected directly to the home screen of the application and you will not see any splash screens or other screens. The home screen of the Lazer Board Puzzle game can be seen from the image that we have attached down below.Now, as we mentioned earlier, the home screen of the Lazer Board app has been kept very simple and you will find only the levels of the game that you will have to clear in order to proceed further. On the top right, you will see that there are two buttons. Now, the first button is the Share button and if you click on the Share button, you will be able to share the application with your friends via your favorite application as seen below.

Besides the share button, there is also a button with a block symbol which is the symbol through which you can remove ads. Now, if you click on that button, you will have to complete a purchase of Rs. 65 in INR or $1 to remove ads completely from the game as seen from below

Now, if we proceed further with the game by clicking on from the home screen then we will see the Level 1 of the Lazer Board game which has been attached via a screenshot down below

To play this game, you will have to adjust the slanting tile in such a position that the laser beam coming from the lightsaber touches the bulb that has been placed in a different tile. On doing this, you will go through to the next level and you will also be awarded appropriate stars out of three which will be decided based on the number of moves you take to complete the level as seen below.

After completing level 1, you go through to level 2 as seen from the screenshot below which will have more challenges than the first level and the game will get harder with the successive levels as seen below

Apart from that, you will also notice that the levels inside the game get tougher and tougher as you pass the levels and we have attached a screenshot from the level 14 which has been solved below.

Thus, we would advise you to use your 3 hints effectively and with care as you will need them at the higher levels. Otherwise, there is also a USE HINT button which can be seen from above. There are 3 hints that will be awarded to a user while playing the app which can be used to get the solution to that level. However, we have noticed that if we select the USE HINT option then the solution will remain on the screen for just a few seconds after which it vanishes so a user has to take a screenshot to see the exact solution for a tricky level.

Also, if the 3 hints that are originally available to every user have been completed then there is also an option to purchase hints. Now, there is an option to purchase 10 hints for INR 65 or $1, 25 hints for INR 130 or $2 and 50 hints for INR 190 or $3 as seen below.

The gameplay of the Lazer Board Puzzle game is very simple yet exciting and the levels get harder and harder as you move upwards. You can download this game for free from the Google Play Store and we have also included the link below to download this application to your phone

Laser Puzzle - Logic Game Price: Free

Also, if you have any doubts whatsoever about the Lazer Board game then you can comment your queries below and we will reply back as quickly as possible.

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