When we rejoice the beautiful moments of life music starts playing in our head. We switch this imagination to reality with our music players. Songie was developed to make that experience better. It reads the name of the song and artist when a song starts or ends (optional). With this app installed, you don’t have to take your smart phone out of your pocket when you’re running, driving or unable to access the phone.

The developer says this wonder app doesn’t consume much battery and its true in my tests. Nowadays people love a personal assistants. Songie reads out the name of the song being played along with the album and artist’s name. It is really a wonderful experience.

It is one of the few apps on playstore which is ad free and requires no special permissions.


• Runs in the background and detects songs played on your device.
• No battery usage.
• Uses natural Text-to-Speech online or using installed apps.
• Supports all popular music players: Google Play Music, Samsung Music, LG Music, Sony Music, Poweramp,PlayerPro, Spotify, 8tracks, doubleTwist, Shuttle, Rocket, n7player, Rhapsody and many more!

Customization unlocked in full version

• Narrate through headphones only.
• Change What to Say – not just “song name” by “artist”.

Free version
Paid version

• Change When to Say – before or after a song plays, set a delay.

Free version
Paid version
Paid version

•Disable all notifications – even when playing.

• Use offline text-to-speech, can be used with other TTS apps.

The paid version of the app just costs Rs 127.1 per item and apk size is about 1.8 MB. Unfortunately it supports only Android versions above 4.0.2.

The developer seems very active fixing the bugs. Recent fixes are:

  • Added support for LG Music and Spotify
  • Fixed small bugs

Still here! Go and download the most worthy app of June 2015 and don’t forget to share your experiences with Songie in the comments below.

Songie Price: Free

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