Do you know all about the smartphone or tablet device you know? We all own one or more phones or tablet devices are aware of its main specifications like the size of its display, capacity of battery, CPU power, camera, internal memory, and so on. These are also the things we wish to know before purchasing a device for us. Some people go a bit further to compare the specs of a device with a similar product before making a decision.

So, the question is still there— “Are you really familiar with you device’s complete system info?” If you think you do, think again. Most of us have just a rough idea about it and even if you have seen all info some time earlier, you might forget it after a while.

It was just a coincidence, that I stumbled upon the MyDroid System Info in the Google Play Store. How the user interface of an app looks is the very first thing I contemplate before downloading an app. The app has a very nice and plain interface that made me fall in love with it at the first sight. The light colors used in the app have soothing effect on eyes.

However, it not just the looks alone that makes MyDroid System Info featured on our site! It is actually it features that can infatuate any Android device user. The depth of system details the app provides is surprising.

  1. Device
    • OS overview
    • Display
    • Storage
    • Cameras
  2. System Dashboard: CPU, RAM, battery, storage, network  monitoring
  3. Sensors Monitor: environmental, motion and positional sensors
  4. Logs: logcat viewer


The app developer seems to have left no stone unturned to provide you the best knowledge about the costly Android gadget you own. MyDroid System Info is one of those apps that every Android device owner must keep. It is available for free but the information it gives you is priceless. Highly recommended by DroidViews!

Sorry, this app is not available!

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