As Sony Mobile, time and again, has shown their consistent support for us underground-developers community, many were doubtful as to how long it will keep up to it. While OEMs worldwide go about breaking all GPLv2 and apache licences, very much like crime-lords on the loose, Sony has been doing the opposite by giving it’s all to the world wide developers community.

With a 5″ 1080p high resolution ~441 ppi pixel screen  , sitting atop a quad-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm S4 Pro with 2 gigs of RAM and a 13.1 MP camera, there is no doubt that anticipation is at the peak for this baby in the consumer electronics segment, but more so at XDA and the developers community.  However, who ever thought that the prayers will be answered so soon ? In a very recent display of awesomeness, Sony Mobile has released their full kernel source code of their show-stopper, the Xperia Z ! This has led many a developers to salivate their eyes and cry with joy, as they see the messiah among OEMs do what they have long desired. And, all this before the phone has even gone on sale world wide ! what a sweet treat !

Sony has already shown us their commitment before, the most recent example being the kernel source release for their alpha Jellybean build for Xperia T, sure Sony isnt the only one to be doing this kind of stuff, but others who have done so, have done a terrible work at it, by not releasing a full build-able kernel source. Lessons learnt HTC and Samsung ? you love us, we love you back ten-fold.

So, if u wanna get your hand dirty, head over to the Sony Developer’s Open source download site ! build your own kernel, look at the cool stuff they did on their end, anything you might be interested in. Tell us about what you think in the comments below !



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