I have just finished my fifth theme for MIUI V4/JB. The theme is designed to give you the best Jelly Bean UI experience on your Android device with MIUI ICS or JB ROM. I have made the theme in two versions with different icon sets and lockscreen themes. Jelly Bean Remix 1.0 is the result of 10 days of hard work. Most of my time was spent in converting the default black/gray icons to white and blue. I might have converted thousands of icons. Then I went through a hard time in solving the font visibility problem that is so common in MIUI V4 themes. The good thing is that neither I nor any of the beta-testers discovered such bug.

The theme has been successfully tested on Samsung Galaxy S3, SGS3, and HTC Sensation. I could not get it tested on MIUI JB ROMs, but I do believe that it should run perfectly.


  1. A complete coverage of almost all user interface elements. Attention to minute details was the central concern!
  2. An all-new compass theme.
  3. Theming of web browser, calendar, music player and gallery (untouched by most themes).
  4. Fully compatible with all 480p and 720p devices. Runs on large display devices like the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S3, HTC One X, etc. without loss of quality.
  5. Available in two variants with different lockscreen themes and beautiful icons.
  6. Full font visibility (as reported by beta-testers)
  7. Jelly Bean boot animation.


  • The LS themes and icon sets used in the theme have been made by someone else. I would like to thank Solarus2011 for allowing me to use his beautiful JB Graphene icons. Visit the XDA Thread here.
  •  I would also thank The World 12345 from MIUI China for his simply beautiful icons called Desire.

How to Install and Other Instructions (Must Read):

  1. Download the theme file and copy it to MIUI/Theme folder on your device’s internal SD Card. and apply from the Theme Manager.
  2. Both the lock screens used in my theme depend on Google News and Weather app, also known as GenieWidget, for weather data. So you must install it on your device to get the weather update.
  3. Please note that due to some technical complexities, the font colors determined by my theme loose effect when the device is rebooted. In such case you might encounter the white on white bug. To solve this issue, please reapply the theme every time you reboot your phone.

Donate to Appreciate my Hard Work

The Jelly Bean Remix 1.0 for MIUI V4/JB is a free theme to enrich your experience with MIUI on your device. Theme-makers, like me, work hard night and day to serve the community. In doing so, we sacrifice our precious time and ignore some of our personal jobs. If you use any such free work, please be considerate enough to encourage people like me with your comments and Donations (big or small).

Changelog Version 1.4:

  1. Fixed white background bug in notifications in compact mode.
  2. Fixed black font on black background in Gmail’s label folder items and label icon.
  3. Added holo background at music player and fixed orange highlights.
  4. Various fixes in Gallery app.
  5. Optimized for the last version of MIUI ROM
  6. Some other fixes that I do not remember.

Changelog Version 1.3:

  1. Fixed some bugs found in the old version.
  2. Optimized for the latest version of MIUI ROM 2.10.26.

With Regards to all MIUI Community!



Jelly Bean Remix  1.4 (Desire Icons)

Older Version

Jelly Bean Remix V4 1.3 (JB Graphene Icons)


  1. Hi. I’m using your theme and I really like it. Only problem I see is that texting on whatsapp while I’m typing and i have a dark background I can’t see the text I’m typing beecause the font color is dark grey.

  2. Really like your theme.
    I just have one complain. In some apps there is white text on white background.
    For the moment so do I only now about two. The first is evernote and the second one is tvguiden.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

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