Malanore, the maker of the iPhone iOS6 Theme for MIUI V4 has come up with an update to his iPhone theme duos (the iPhone4 theme will be posted in the next post). The theme was updated on August 17 and has been optimized as per the new changes in MIUI ROM 2.8.17.

Moreover, there are some other minor changes and fixes too. As a result, this beautiful theme has become more beautiful. Just like the new iOS6, the theme maker has wisely used the non-glossy matte effect graphics in the making of this theme.

One drawback that you can also see in the screenshots above, the dialer digits look somewhat stretched. Th original theme being in Chinese, I have modified/translated it for the convenience of the English-speaking world. Download and copy the mtz to SD Card/MIUI/Theme folder on your device and apply it from the theme manager.


Download iPhone Theme with 3D Icons


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