I have already posted at least 4 variants of the classic iPhone theme for MIUI, not to mention some other customized versions. I think we have enough of the iPhone themes! But each time I see a new one and test it, I have discovered that despite of great similarities, all these themes are different in some ways from one another. So here is another theme that claims to imitate the iPhone 5 GUI. However, I could not see how it is different from the iPhone 4 or iOS 6  themes for MIUI V4.

The theme has the familiar iOS default lockscreen with unlock slider. When you have a missed call or received the message, you will see a notification bar just below the time panel. By sliding the phone or message icon to the right, you can directly go to call log and MMS apps. The icons look very beautiful.There are about 1000 icons that cover most of the popular apps and games for Android. The theme also features an analog clock (not shown in the preview). Another new thing with this theme is that the “Home’ and “Back” buttons in apps like contacts, MMS and framework-res have corresponding texts which were in Chinese in the original version of the theme. The theme has been tested on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and it supports 480p and 720p Android devices running MIUI V4/JB ROMs.

The iPhone 5 theme for MIUI V4/JB is a very deserving theme that must be tried once. The theme has been translated into English by me. I do not seek any credit for that though. All credits to the original author Biovy.

(Note: The clock widget shown in the screen shot is anot the part of the theme. It is a separate app called One More Clock Widget.

iPhone 5 Theme MIUI V4/JB



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