Install Pure Nexus ROM on Google Pixel
Install Pure Nexus ROM on Google Pixel

Android, the open-source operating system allows you to customize your device in almost every way possible. From changing fonts to installing custom ROM’s, mods and kernels, everything is possible on an Android device. There are many Custom ROM’s available for your Android device ranging from heavy user interface ROM’s to stock Android ROM’s. Every ROM has different features and provides different functionality to the user.

The latest ROM which we are discussing is Pure Nexus ROM. Pure Nexus ROM is based on Pure Nexus Project which aims to bring stability and features on your Pixel device. It has been cooked by the renowned developer BeansTown106.

Features of Pure Nexus ROM for Google Pixel/Pixel XL

  • All stock Nexus features working!!(WiFi calling, Project Fi, VoLte)
  • Based on AOSP Android 7.1.1
  • Googles Pixel sounds
  • Googles wallpapers
  • Googles Pixel theme and Pixel navbar animation
  • Google assistant
  • UI Improvements
  • Substratum OMS Theme Engine support
  • Enabled Developer settings by default
  • Custom night-light brightness options
  • Disabled tether provision checks
  • Download speed in notification
  • Advanced Reboot menu
  • Advanced screenshot functionality (long press tile/power menu for selectable screenshot)
  • PureAmbient display options
  • Additional battery saver trigger steps
  • Dialer Lookup, Proximity speakerphone, Incall vibration options
  • Notification Drawer
  • Battery percentage in the status bar
  • Carrier Label customization
  • Status bar clock customization
  • Network traffic meter options
  • Navbar toggle and Height/width options
  • 3 finger swipe for screenshot
  • Battery and Notification LED controls
  • Ability to turn off camera shutter sound

If you want a ROM with maximum true tested feature and minimalistic bugs, then this is the ROM you should go for. Here’s How to Install Pure Nexus ROM on Pixel device.

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We have taken all the care in writing the steps but a successful result depends on how you follow them. We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your device while installing custom ROM’s. Installing Custom ROM on Pixel device might void its warranty and if you follow the tutorial incorrectly then it may soft-brick your device. So if you wish to go further, do it at your own risk.

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  1. Download Pure Nexus ROM for your Google Pixel from here.
  2. Download TWRP ZIP File from here.
  3. Make sure your Google Pixel is rooted and has TWRP installed.
  4. Backup all apps and data present on your Google Pixel Device.
  5. Enable USB Debugging on your Google Pixel from Settings-> Developer option.
  6. Make sure your Google Pixel has at least 60% battery left.

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Steps to Install Pure Nexus ROM on Google Pixel

Follow the below steps to install Pure Nexus ROM on Google Pixel:

  1. Download the Pure Nexus ROM and TWRP zip File from the above-mentioned links and place it in a folder on your Desktop.
  2. Connect Google Pixel Device to PC.
  3. Place both the files (Pure Nexus ROM and TWRP zip file) in the internal storage of Google Pixel.
  4. Reboot your device into recovery mode. You can do this by switching off your device and holding Volume Down+Power button together until the device boots into bootloader mode.
  5. Enter into recovery mode by using volume and power buttons. Remember touch won’t work in bootloader mode.
  6. In the recovery mode, go to Wipe.
  7. Now, perform a Wipe data/Factory Reset.
  8. Head to the Install option and select the Pure Nexus ROM file from the internal storage of your Pixel device.
  9. Swipe right to flash the Pure Nexus ROM on Google Pixel.
  10. After the ROM is flashed, again navigate to Install and select the TWRP zip file from the internal storage of Google Pixel.
  11. Reboot your device. Now, your Google Pixel will boot into Pure Nexus ROM in just a few minutes.

That’s it! Now enjoy Pure Nexus ROM on your Google Pixel.


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