Being a OnePlus One user for quite a while now, I was a victim of the much over-hyped ROM that OnePlus claimed to release. First of all, the release date was delayed a ton of times, and once released, it was basically some tweaks on top of Stock Android. Every time I switch back and forth between ROMs, I still give OxygenOS a try, now that the 2.0 version of it is being used in the OnePlus 2.

Soon enough, I’ll be getting my OnePlus 2, and will be playing with its software. But, for the OnePlus One users, OxygenOS is a big step, especially when the company claimed future updates. Just recently, a big talk about the harm to the Android Ecosystem was spread out, and people were swarming over to prevent the Stagefright vulnerability.

IBM Finds a New Security Vulnerability in Android

Soon enough, OnePlus released an update patch to cure this disease now common in Android devices. This point-zero-one update doesn’t actually bring about anything else than this. If you’re one of those users to whom their devices are near and dear to the heart, then you might want to flash this update patch if you’re running OxygenOS. Note that this is only for the OnePlus One, already running a stable version of OxygenOS. If not, follow this guide to do so.

Install OxygenOS on OnePlus One : Tutorial


  • In order to flash this update file, ensure that you’re running the latest version of OxygenOS (v1.0.1), and have a custom Recovery installed.
  • You need the actual ZIP file. You can download it by clicking here.
  • For optimal performance, we recommend you turn on USB Debugging, if something goes wrong later.
  • Last, and most importantly, make a full Nandroid Backup of your system’s IMG file, just to be on the safer side.


Once you’ve gone through the complete pre-cautions list, you may now proceed with the actual procedure now.

  • Connect your OnePlus One to the PC, and transfer the ZIP file you downloaded just now. For your own ease, place it in the root directory of your storage.
  • Disconnect your OnePlus One, and boot into the TWRP recovery, or any recovery of your choice. For this, completely power down your OnePlus One, and then boot it by pressing the Power + Volume Down buttons at the same time.
  • Once in the recovery menu, you do not need to factory reset, and this is just a patch file. Now, select the option which reads ‘Flash‘, and select the ZIP file you downloaded and transferred earlier.
  • Swipe to confirm the flash. Once done, reboot to your system.

Voila! You’ve successfully installed the v1.0.2 patch for OxygenOS on your OnePlus One. If you have any issues regarding this guide, feel free to refer us in the comments below.

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