OnePlus has recently been very quick with the updates for OnePlus 3. OnePlus 3 has been receiving updates almost each month and sometimes an update is pushed more than once a month. it is good to see such response from OnePlus’ software team. OnePlus has been addressing all the issues users are facing which is a nice gesture by any OEM. Recently OnePlus pushed a community build of Oxygen OS 3.5.1. Here’s the guide on how you can install it on your OnePlus 3 and What’s new in the update.

Previously OnePlus released a community build of Oxygen OS 3.5 and if you have installed the community build you should receive the update to Oxygen OS 3.5.1 through an OTA. But if you are using the stable build of Oxygen OS 3.4 or earlier and want to try out what’s new in the upcoming version of Oxygen OS then follow the steps given below. You may also contribute to the community after installing the community build and reporting bugs and issues you face to the OnePlus forums.

What’s New?

OnePlus has decided to merge its Oxygen OS and Hydrogen OS and focus on developing a single OS rather than maintaining two different ROMs for a single device. Well, this could help the developers at OnePlus to focus on their software  more efficiently. Also, initially OnePlus main userbase was from China, where users prefer the user interface that is present in H2OS or we can say that the one that is similar to iPhone. But now OnePluss devices are available in many parts of the world and user base is quite good in all the countries. So, it does make sense to merge the two OS and provide the same user experience to all the users globally.

Here’s the list of the new features available in the Oxygen OS 3.5.1 update:

  • Accent color added
  • Battery icon customization added
  • LED customization added (Display)
  • sRGBmode added (Display > Screen mode)
  • Night mode added
  • Dark mode theme optimized
  • General bug fixes

Things You Will Need

  • OnePlus 3
  • OxygenOS 3.5.1 (Community Build) | Link

Steps To Follow

Step 1. Download the Oxygen OS 3.5.1 zip file from the link given above and transfer it to your device.

Step 2. Now turn off your device and then boot it into recovery mode. To do so, press and hold Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.

Step 3. Now if you are willing to do a fresh install, i.e. you are willing to lose your installed applications and their data then select Wipe Data and Cache and perform the wipe. Then go back to the home of recovery. If you wish to keep to your installed applications then you may skip this step.

Step 4. Once recovery has booted select your Language. Then select Install from SD (or Local) and select the zip file you copied to your device.

Step 5. Click on Install to start the process and wait for it to finish.

Step 6. Now Reboot your system and Enjoy!

That’s all! you have successfully installed the community build of Oxygen OS 3.5.1 on your OnePluss 3. Do share your feedback on the update and how does it perform on your device.

You may provide your valuable feedback to the Oneplus developers by filling out this form.

Feel free to drop down your queries in the comments section below. We will try to resolve your issues as soon as possible.


  1. hey! just a query, I’m currently on OxygenOS 3.2.7, I want to try the community build. So , installing through the steps you said,will it wipe my whole device? yes I read step3. but just wanted to confirm.

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