HTC has chosen the path of evolution for the next-gen ‘One’ with HTC One M9. HTC One M9 is a successful flagship of the year 2015. It has a 2840mAh battery that’ll get you a day’s use with a solid chunk to tide you over into the next morning/early afternoon. However, in our usual looping video test, the phone only lasted for 9-9.5 hours.Fans of the HTC One M8 will also notice that there’s no longer a dual-camera rear setup on the One M9.

The last phone in this series had two rear sensors to let it make a 3D map of a scene. It has 20 MP camera with sapphire camera cover lens to deliver crisp, clear photos. Front-facing stereo speakers with built-in amp and Dolby Audio™ surround for the ultimate audio experience. Dual-tone all-metal body features mirrored edges that are ergonomically tapered to effortlessly fit your grip.

The One M9 features HTC Sense Home: a location and behavior-detecting homescreen that makes apps more available when you need them most. Using your home and work address, the HTC One M9 creates a geofence that tracks the apps you frequently use in those areas. You’ll get work-related apps automatically when you’re at work, and the apps that you use most often at home will surface as soon as you arrive.

The HTC One M9 features more customizable options than ever. The HTC Themes app is able to pick colors from the photo and applies the theme you create to your wallpaper, icons, and more. Still, if you need to theme it in your own way we have a guide for you.

This deodexed ROM is pretty fast and light. The major goal is to allow the users to theme their HTC One M9 and apply various skins. It is made close to the stock ROM. Please note that this ROM is in beta stage but it is stable to be your daily driver.

ROM Information

  • Based on HTC firmware v1.33.605.15  release keys
  • Android version: Lollipop 5.0.2
  • Sense 7 – Deodexed

ROM Features

  • System, Cache and Data partitions are trimmed after installation.
  • Debloated: most VZW applications have been removed, excluding those which are required for core functionality.
  • Init.d support added.
  • SuperSU installed / rooted.
  • WiFi / USB Tethering enabled.
  • Visual Voicemail enabled.
  • Power Saver setting enabled and on by default.
  • Auto-Reporting / Logging for HTC / Google / Verizon has mostly been disabled.
  • Reconfigured, reorganized Apps menu.
  • FM Radio added.
  • VZW Help replaced with HTC Help.
  • Music Channel functionality enabled, added to the settings menu.
  • Default Homepages reduced to 2.
  • Blinkfeed and Homescreen.
  • Removed Sense “Smart Folder” widget from the default Home-Screen, still accessible from the widgets menu.
  • Replaced Verizon boot animation with the “Android L” variant.
  • Default HTC Theme / Accent Colors have been modified for Onyx. The “HTC Default” accent colors have been added to Accent Colors.
  • Added stock M8 wallpapers.

Warning: The author is not responsible, if you damage or brick your device. Do it at your own risk and follow the instructions properly.


  • S-OFF ‘d HTC One M9
  • Unlocked Bootloader
  • TWRP recovery or CWM recovery
  • Make sure you have at least 60% battery


  1. Connect and mount your device to a computer using the USB cable.
  2. Download the Verizon HTC One M9 – Debloated Custom ROM from here and copy it to your SD card.
  3. Then turn off your phone and disconnect the USB cable.
  4. Get in the TWRP / CWM recovery mode.
    • (Power Off your phone after it’s shutdown, hold simultaneously the ‘Power’ button and the ‘Volume down’ button for a few seconds (if this does not work out, try with Power and Volume Up – the combination might vary across devices). Then, release them and you should see a list of options)
  5. Always have a full backup of system and data.
    • [ROM is configured to format /system & /cache partitions. The /data partition will be erased, /data/media is excluded].
  6. Tap Install at the main screen of your recovery.
  7. Now select ‘’ from your sdcard and tap ‘Ok’
  8. Swipe the slider to flash the ROM.
  9. After a successful flash go back and reboot to system.

Initial boot up takes time. Please be patient!

To do [Must]

  • Disable OTA from Settings


  • An intermittent issue where default ringtone won’t be applied after initial setup, otherwise it’s all stable.

You have successfully flashed debloated custom ROM.

Please report any abnormalities in the comment section, we will report in no time.

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