It is general knowledge that Cyanogen is one of the most stable Custom ROMs out there; especially so for the Oneplus One. Case to note here, is that it isn’t really a custom ROM for the Oneplus since the device officially shipped with CM 11 [or CM 11S]. Hence Oneplus has been the highlight for all Cyanogen developments and also the first to receive major updates.

Oneplus, however, has been of interest to several developer communities and hence already has multiple options available for use [Euphoria OS & Paranoid to name a few]. So, if you shifted from CM early on or have a device that was shipped with Oxygen OS; and now plan to switch back to CM, this page is for you. This tutorial should work for all builds and device variants.

What you need?

  • A Oneplus device with bootloader unlocked
  • TWRP installed for Oneplus [download links below]
  • Latest CM flashable zips for Oneplus i.e. bacon [download links below]
  • Compatible GApps package [download links below]


  1. Unlock your device bootloader & install TWRP [calm down, we already have a post for that]
  2. Download the CM zip & desired GApps package for your device and transfer to phone storage [you can do this while phone is On or in the next Step]
  3. Boot to recovery [with the device powered off, Hold Volume Down & Power button]
  4. Create a full backup in the recovery [optional, but recommended]
  5. Now from Main Menu on the recovery, select Wipe > Factory Reset > Swipe to Confirm
  6. Now from Main Menu, select Install Zip > select CM zip file > Swipe to Confirm
    select Install Zip > select GApps package > Swipe to Confirm
  7. Wipe Cache & Dalvik [optional, but recommended]
  8. Reboot to System

It may take 3-4 minutes for the first boot. If you encounter a boot loop, switch off the phone and repeat from Step 2 with another CM zip [some build files tend to be corrupt or are not downloaded properly].  Cyanogen is arguably the best ROM for the OPO and has one particular feature that we find absolutely brilliant. Hold your horses, we’ll be coming out with a post solely on that soon.


Tested on:

  • Oneplus One 16 GB JBL Edition
  • Oneplus One 16 GB International Edition
  • Oneplus One 64 GB


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