Android Nougat on AT&T Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920A

If you own the AT&T variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and have been looking for a way to update your device to the recently released Android Nougat, you just landed the right spot. We have been writing tutorials describing updating Samsung Galaxy devices to Nougat using the manual method for the past few months now. Today, we’ll see how to install Android Nougat on AT&T Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N920A).

Since the full stock Nougat firmware is not available yet, we’ve managed to capture the OTA update zip file that will upgrade your Note 5’s software to version N920AUCU4EQC6.


Before you proceed, here’re a few preparations you need to make so that things go smoothly for you.

  • Make sure your phone is fully stock. The OTA package won’t install if it is rooted or has a stock recovery installed on it. If you got a rooted phone install the QB2 firmware first and then you can install the Nougat OTA on your Note 5.
  • Flashing the OTA will wipe your phone, so you are advised to backup all your data and apps using Smart Switch as a precaution.
  • Go to Settings> Developer options and enable USB debugging (this is just as a precaution).
  • If you have disabled any system apps, please enable them from Settings> Applications or the OTA file installation might fail.
  • Charge your Galaxy Note 5 so that it has 60% battery level at least.

Download OTA Zips for AT&T Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N920A)

Firmware files:  (latest)

Having downloaded the Nougat firmware, unzip it. You will find 4 files in the extracted folder:

  • AP_N920AUCS4CQC6_CL8961126_QC62615386_REV00_user_low _ship.tar.md5
  • BL_N920AUCS4CQC6_CL8961126_QC62615386_REV00_user_low _ship.tar.md5
  • CP_N920AUCS4CQC6_CL8961126_QC62615386_REV00_user_low _ship.tar.md5
  • CSC_ATT_N920AATT4CQC6_CL8961126_QC62615386_REV00_low_ship.tar.md5

You need to install the first 4 files using Odin. If You can find the detailed instructions on installing the stock firmware. A shorter tutorial is here.

Done! Enjoy the newly installed Android Nougat on your AT&T Galaxy Note 5.


  1. Both the QC6 and QD1 files offered above get extracted on my computer but are still RAR files and are not accepted by Odin. Is there a way to extract them with another app? My default zip extraction app extracted the QB2 files recommended on another page and converted them to the required md5 file type but not these 2 for some reason. Hmmmm…….

  2. thanks! I can flash it on odin from my N920AUCU1AOGG directly to the one you gave me right?

  3. Just borrow a friends sim out of their phone—I have an unlocked att note 5 on t-mobile network—I borrow a freinds S-6 sim —they have Att service—–stuck it in my phone—phone updated —–done—simple—-dont follow these guys BS way to do it—-you dont know what you are doing—just do my way and you will be happy—nothing deleted nothing added—I didnt even back-up—even thow you should —LOL

  4. Try renaming “” to “” and use the following command:

    adb sideload

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