IndigoTin is a new theme for Android phones running MIUI ICS or Jellybean ROMs. The theme has been made by a Chinese themer named Western Lamb. The theme has an air of freshness about it, if only we ignore the lockscreen that has been borrowed from Jumba’s ANGL theme for MIUI. The IndigoTin theme has a new set of beautiful icons. The dialer, the status bar, the pop-ups all look great.

The theme has been translated into English from Chinese wherever necessary.

Latest Version (Oct. 10)

IndigoTin V4




  1. hi rakash.. i’ve just commented now under the origami theme about the icons and clock.. i’m encountering the icons problem in this theme as well.. drawable xhdpi.. so i think my arc s runs hdpi?

  2. also in ur Mx_M9 theme which is my all time fav theme some chinese elements are there…humble rquest to have alook into it…also i posted screenshots for the same at that place…thanks again

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