The first major tech event of the year was CES. At the event, there were many announcements and unveiling, and one of them was the addition to Huawei’s catalogue of a new, refreshed P8 Lite smartphone. The original P8 Lite was released all the way back in 2015, but is now getting a makeover which will make it more relevant in today’s market.

However, while many of you will be introduced to the device as simply P8 Lite or P8 Lite 2017, some of you might –depending on where you’re from- see it pop up under another name. That name is Nova Lite.

Where did this come from?

Notorious tech leaker Evan Blass struck again when he leaked two pictures that at first glance looked to be the same. It was the picture of a device and the caption “power without pause”. The single difference between the two variants of the image was the fact that where one of them read “Huawei P8 Lite”, the other one read “Huawei Nova Lite”. This has immediately lead people to speculate that we might see a rebranding in specific regions for the device.

What can users expect?

On the surface, users can see the 5.2 inch full HD display. Going a bit further however, we discover the Kirin 655 processing unit and 3 GB of RAM. With 16 GB available for internal storage, the handset is looking rather average on memory. The phone accommodates two camera lenses, a 12 MP unit on the rear and an 8 MP one on the front. The battery unit included has a 3000 mAh capacity, so it promises sufficient uptime in between charges.

The device has noticeably improved since the release of the original model, and certain regions from Europe are already offering the device for purchase. You can find the device available for sale in Europe and UK for about 185 GBP or 250 euros.

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