Many folks, including myself, were looking for the wallpaper shown in the various previews and leaks of the HTC’s latest flagship Verizon Droid DNA. Quite recently we caught a couple of system dumps from this cool smartphone that made the stock wallpapers from the device accessible. In fact, most of the wallpapers are the same as we have seen in some older devices by HTC, but there are two new beautiful additions. One is the Droid Eye and the other one is the Red Hexagon. I have photoshopped the Hexagon image to make a few color variants that include blue, green, purple and golden (click on each color name to download separately). All stock wallpapers are in HD quality (2160 x 1920 px) and are marked by clarity and elegance.

Besides, you can also download HTC Droid DNA system dump in two variants, an odexed and a deodexed one.


HTC Droid DNA Stock Wallpapers (Color Mods)

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