Touted as the flagship killer, the OnePlus 2 has got top of the line specifications and has been a recent hot news in the tech market. With the exciting invite system rolling out new devices at a decent pace has already placed few handsets in the waiting hands.

Being an Android, it is sure to get rooted and experimented with. If you are one of the users who has been unfortunate and would like to perform a soft or factory reset, you have got some good news.

The developers and device watchers have got a straight and clean way of getting your device out of the digital mess. All you need to do is read the instructions carefully and perform the said tasks and be sure that you will get your device as is.

Before you start attempting reset, please make sure that you have a manual backup of all your data. Especially, media like pictures, music, and documents. Data related to contacts, WiFi passwords, and other app data can be directly sourced to the Google servers, with auto backup option in your device.

OnePlus 2 users can enter bootloader or fastboot mode using hardware keys or ADB tool as follows

Boot OnePlus 2 into Bootloader Mode: Steps

  1. Download and Install ADB and Fastboot driver from here.
  2. Launch a command window on the computer with administrative privileges
  3. Now, Go to Settings > About phone and tap ‘Build number’ 7 times or until the message “You’re now a developer!”, pops on your  screen
  4. Return to Settings and go to ‘Developer options’ and locate ‘USB debugging’ option and hit the toggle button to enable it. Accept the warning by tapping on OK button.
  5. Connect the OnePlus 2 to your PC via USB cable. A pop-up should appear on your phone when you connect for the first time after enabling USB debugging. Choose ‘Always allow from this computer’ checkbox and then hit the OK button.
  6. Now type adb reboot bootloader at the command prompt and hit Enter.

Your OnePlus 2 will successfully boot in bootloader/fastboot or recovery mode. If you have any queries do mention them in the comments below.

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