Actually it happened yesterday! I was shuddered to my veins for a while when I realized the seriousness of what had befallen upon me. My ego did not even let me expect such a mishap, but was it was as true as I was alive. I have been an owner of Samsung Galaxy S3 for the last few months. Rooted it on the very first day I got my hands on it and voided the warranty of the device. My job as a tech blogger makes me flash and test various custom ROMs almost every alternate day.

Well, I am a self-proclaimed expert in rooting and flashing business, especially when it comes to Samsung Galaxy devices, write good tutorials on the topic. And yes, I do not forget to warn people to take some precautions like charging the device amply, backing up device data and current ROM etc. before diving into such things. It’s said one can have a dog-bite even on a camel’s back. I do not remember in a what fit of hurry, I lost all my “skills” but I made mistakes just as a noob would do.

I had to test a ROM for my post on Best ROMs for the Galaxy S3, so I downloaded it and copied to my device’s external SD Card. I always prefer to store ROM and Gapps and Backup files on the 32 GB external storage. Then I booted the phone into ClockworkMod recovery as usual. Wiped data/factory reset, cache partition followed by wiping dalvik cache. I was just going to install the ROM when I remembered that about my S3 was showing only 4 GB empty storage capacity out of 14 GB, though I had not stored any big file on it. It was at this point that I was swayed by an urge to format the internal storage so that it might be cleaned.

I, therefore, opened ‘mount and storage”  and selected ‘format sd card” option to get a super clean phone. I selected ‘yes’ to proceed to the action. The  sd card was formatted successfully, but this was the last success in the whole episode as I feel now, not then. Then I returned back to the main menu to install the ROM only to discover that there were no files/folders at all  on the external sd card where I had all my ROM files. Anyways, I went back to the main menu to and tried gain to install the ROM, thinking there it might be some temporary error first time. But there were no files on the external SD Card. I repeated the same steps again and again but no use. Actually, I had foolishly formatted the external storage.

It’s said, “Misfortunes come in multitudes” (Hamlet, Shakespeare). And this is really what was going to happen with me. Since I had not charged my phone for the whole day, there was very low battery power left at the time when I had started. All of a sudden the device ran out of battery and turned off.

“Oh my God! What was going to happen next?”- I wondered as I stared on my Samsung Galaxy S3! I felt a few drops of sweat at my forehead even at a 15 degree temperature. Had I bricked my new costly phone with already void warranty? Will I be able to get it back to life?- These were the question hovering over my consciousness.

I did not have any external means to charge the device or an extra battery. I opened the back panel of the phone, pulled off the battery and reinserted it. Tried to boot the phone into CWM Recovery mode again and again. Each failure to boot the device into recovery only added to my despair. It was 1 O’clock in the night so I went to the bed and decided to try again next morning.

When I open my eyes the next morning, it was 9.30 AM. The memories of the night were still fresh so I hasted to my phone. I pulled off the battery and the external memory card and inserted it into a memory card holder. I started my PC and copied the ROM files to the external card. Then reinserted it and the battery back to their place, and tried to boot the device again. Quite mysteriously, it showed the signs of being booted. Never in my life I had been so happy to see the welcome screen of my phone. Now I was able to see the blue texts on a pitch black screen that you see on entering recovery mode.

The situation now seemed to be in my command. I hasted to ‘install zip from sd card” option thinking the battery would not give me much time and the device might turn off again. Misery did not seem to leave me. When I proceeded to select the ROM to flash it, the CWM Recovery did not show the ROM files that I copied. I rebooted the recovery and then was able to see the files. Thank God! I flashed the ROM without any delay and rebooted the device. It did boot this time but just as saw the screen which asks to sign into Google account, the phone turned off again. The battery had exhausted itself giving me the satisfaction I was craving for since the last night. I plugged the charger into device for about 10 minutes and then rebooted it. Everything went fine and thus I reclaimed my Galaxy S3 and my poise as well.

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