The Google Play Store is stacked up with a ton of applications available for you to download. While most of them are just plain entertainment applications, some applications on the Google Play Store are utility ones, which ease up the user’s task. Your Android device can do a lot of things to make your day easier and simpler. If you have a flashlight on your device, your device might save your day by acting like a torch with a simple download of an application. Android devices are meant to satisfy the needs of the user.

For the past couple of years, there has been a lot of buzz about the different types and styles of the Android lockscreens available on different devices. Later last year, Google announced its newest and the sweetest version of Android, named Lollipop. With the launch of Lollipop came a lot of new and amazing features, one of which is the new and improved lockscreen. In this previous versions of Android, the lockscreen was limited only to show some specific widgets and information. But in Lollipop, you can have a look at all your notifications just by the click of a button. What if you wanted a Lockscreen application which could do that on your KitKat, JellyBean or ICS device?

Specific OEMs like Samsung and Sony have tried hard to focus so much on the other amazing features that they provide in their flagship devices, that the lockscreen they provide to the user is a very simple one, without any advanced customization. Many app developers have tried to make an Android lockscreen application to satisfy the user’s needs. Some have become successful, while some have hardly acquired a fan following. In this article, we are going to share with you all a new and amazing Android lockscreen application named Hi Locker. The name itself resembles one of its great features, which we will talk about later. Hi Locker is a combination of the latest Material Design of Lollipop, and well as that of the modern UI. Hi Locker satisfies the user with not only its beautiful looks, but the amazing features that it provides too. Let us get in depth with the application.


Hi Locker has a simple design, without any complications. It uses a semi-Material design, and therefore provides the user with a clean and simple UI. Hi Locker is just like any other app install, where you just have to download it off the Google Play Store, and simply open it up. The first time you launch Hi Locker, it asks you for your name, which it displays later on in the lockscreen. Then, you have to turn on the “Notification Access” option in order to let Hi Locker receive and display your notifications in the lockscreen itself. And then, obviously, you’ll need to disable the stock lockscreen that comes with your device. Once you’re done with these three simple steps, you will be redirected to the application itself. The dashboard of Hi Locker is an easy to use interface.


Now, to admire the beauty of the lockscreen application, all you need to do is just press the lock button once. The next time you press it, you will be amazed by its simple yet beautiful looks. With an amazing wallpaper as its background, you will notice a greeting message, followed by your name. This is the specialty of the application. So, every time you turn the on screen of your device, you will be greeted with a pleasant greeting message. Hi Locker brings the ability to view notifications right off your lockscreen, which is much more convenient than unlocking your device to do so. With Hi Locker, you can swipe in from the right to dismiss a notification, or swipe in from the left to view it.

There is a little dot present at the bottom of the lockscreen. When double tapped, it will unlock your device’s screen, and when you drag it, you will have access to some of the most frequent applications you use. Just swipe towards the application you desire to open. With Hi Locker, you can even use the Lollipop style lockscreen to acquire a better and much more familiar lockscreen interface. So, even if you’re running Android Jelly Bean, you can still have the feel of Android Lollipop on your lockscreen. On the lockscreen, there is a Clock widget which shows you the time with a beautiful interface. You can even choose from the five amazing options to change the look of the clock widget on your lockscreen. The different styles of the clock widget are listed below.

  • Style 1 – This is the default style of the clock widget on your Hi Lockscreen. When you use this style, the Hours digit is bold, and everything is left-aligned.
  • Style 2 – Everything in this style is left-aligned just like the first one, but the Hour digit isn’t bold anymore, giving it a uniform look.
  • Style 3 – This is the style I admire, because everything is center-aligned, thus giving it a beautiful look.
  • Style 4 – This is a different one. In this clock widget style, you get the clock widget as well as the weather information. This style is recommended for those who need a bunch of information at just a glance!
  • Style 5 – Same as the previous one, this style offers a much cleaner look with the clock and the weather information widgets side by side.

So, if you ever get fed up with one of the clock styles, there are 4 more styles waiting for you to try them out.


Another option which Hi Locker features is the ability to change the greeting message which is displayed on the lockscreen. While you can choose the automatic option wherein the greeting messages are shown automatically, you can also choose to type in your own message. You can even change the font of the message.


As said before, Hi Locker provides the user with endless customization and features, there are a bunch of amazing HD wallpapers to choose from. There is an option to blur the wallpaper to emphasize the notifications displayed on the lockscreen. Also, if you ever get bored of those wallpapers, you can always pick one from your own gallery.


To keep yourself updated with the weather outside, you can choose to display the weather of your area on the lockscreen too. You can add your specific location if the application doesn’t automatically searches for your location using the GPS. To be much more specific, you can change the intervals which Hi Locker will update the weather for you. So, you won’t need to download a third-party weather application on your Android device anymore!


One of the most notable features of Stock Android in history was the ability to add custom shortcuts on your lockscreen itself. Just like Stock Android, you can add/delete the shortcut applications which appear when you drag the little dot in the lockscreen. This will allow you to jump into your favorite application with just a swipe.


Besides all of these notable and awesome features available in Hi Locker, there are some more features which can be accessed by going in the ‘More‘ tab in the application’s dashboard. There is an option to hide the status bar in the lockscreen, to provide you with a much big and better interface. Also, when you receive a notification, another option will wake your screen for a little bit of time. You can also enable/disable the Unlock sound to be more specific. While you can swipe up using the small dot to unlock the screen, there is another option which will enable you to unlock the screen by simply double tapping the dot.

So, at the end of the day, Hi Locker isn’t just an ordinary lockscreen application for your Android device. You get a bunch of features with it too. So, if you ever get confused and want to abandon the stock lockscreen application on your Galaxy device, or Xperia device, Hi Locker is the best option for you! You can download Hi Locker by clicking the following link:

Hi Locker - Your Lock Screen Price: Free

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