Bienvenido al siguiente nivel de Google Translate – You might probably wonder what in the world does this gibberish language meant and most of you might have already solved the mystery with Google Translator in a few simple clicks. If you’re a frequent traveler to unknown lands and the new environment alone is too heavy to digest, you’d definitely stumble while communicating with other people. Google Translate is a real life saver in situations like these where you’re struck in a world with alien language and you’re quite puzzled what the other person just said to you. However, none of the translation apps in the market were perfectly suitable to sustain the real time situations fluently.

Being a great fan of Marvel, I always wonder if it would be possible to have an ultimate translator service like the one Jarvis had in Iron man franchise (I know Jarvis had much more capabilities than translation). Many of you might have tried tons of translation apps but eventually might have fallen in despair but the latest Google translate update announcement might cheer you up a bit after seeing some amazing new features. The update seems to have some great features which implements voice translation in real-time.

In the past couple of days, we’ve been hearing random rumors regarding Google announcing some advance speech translation tool. Bringing the buzz to reality, Google had just announced the new update to Google translate service for iOS and Android platforms which brings pretty good features like word lens and conversations. The new update brings instant translation of languages using camera module, so no more geeky radar which scans the text for minutes to give the output. The translation will be instant, just like you’re seeing an alien language through some magical lens on your device.

The word lens feature overlay the text with the translated text right on your camera screen which makes it easy to understand the traffic boards and restaurant menus with ease. Google claims that this feature will be available even if the device is not connected to any sort of data connection but we should wait to see it’s execution in reality. Currently this feature only supports translation from English to and from French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, and we can expect more languages in the nearby future.

The real-time conversations is not really new to Google translate but can be called fairly familiar to the users who are already using Google translate. However, the latest seems more powerful with just a one tap conversation translation in place. All you need to do is to simply tap the mic to start speaking in a selected language and then tap the mic again, and the app will automatically recognize the two languages which are being spoken. For the rest of your conversation, the settings will be saved giving you more flexibility to converse and the best part is you don’t need to touch the mic again till the end of the conversation.

The new update will be out soon in the coming days and it might take some time to reach globally, but it’s worth looking out for. Google had take a major leap towards visual and voice synthesizing technologies on smartphones which can ultimately change the smartphones as we know.

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