It might sound weird to you but it’s true. How can so popular and useful an app can be pulled out of the Google Play Store that used to be the best medium to get live RSS news feed on mobile phones. Just take a look at the download stats of this app. Millions of downloads per month, bur quite surprisingly Google has decided to shut down Google Reader on July 1. If you are fond of  this app, you got a reason to be upset. But life means moving on! So what are the alternatives? Do we really have any?

Say adieu to the Google Reader and be ready to embrace an alternative. Luckily, some apps have already emerged as clear alternatives that will still work even after Google Reader ceases to exist. We have discovered a couple of nice apps that are capable of serving you very efficiently as Google Reader’s alternative.


Feedly is a beautiful app to browse the content of your favorite sites, RSS feeds, Tumblr blogs and YouTube channels. It serves all those feeds in a mobile optimized layout that you will start loving. Besides Android, Feedly is also available for iOS and you can have its extension on web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It is the best Google Reader alternative till date.

Feedly - Get Smarter Price: Free

News Blur:

Another nice option that can be used as a good alternative to the Google Reader, is News Blur. It brings real-time RSS feeds from your favorite blogs, and magazines directly and nicely to your Android phone. The service is not currently available as an app in the Google Play but you can type- on the site and start using the service. It is based on free and paid basis.

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Other Alternatives:

Besides the apps discussed above, there are some more nice options for RSS reading on your Android phone.

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Sorry, this app is not available!

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