In Google’s Nexus event unveiling a couple of days back, you may remember that Google announced that Chromecast support and a selection of new features were going to be soon available for the Google Photos application. These new features included the ability for one to share albums with friends and allow them to contribute to it which will only be rolled out later this year. Among others, the most interesting additions were support for Chromecast, and a new labelling feature – both which are due to arrive this week for Android users on through the Play Store, and Google has delivered on its promise, as version 1.6 of the app has started rolling out for all supported devices.

Google Photos – More Than Just a Photo Management App

With this new update sitting your family down for a TV viewing of your entire smartphone camera roll just got easier, cause all you will be needing is the updated Google Photos applications and a Chromecast device plugged into  your TV set. Once you have updated the Photos app, you should be able to beam content from your device to your TV or any other big screen by tapping the Cast button. To do that, your smartphone and the Chromecast will need to be on the same Wi-Fi network. You will see an icon at the top of the Google Photos app, tapping which will start broadcasting images. Do note that the button doesn’t seem to be available for everyone just yet. You can try restarting your Chromecast application/device.

A great feature is being able to browse through your images on your phone and only sharing the ones you select to the TV, which is perfect if you’ve got some private photos from your holiday that you don’t want any outsiders apart from close family and friends seeing. Chromecast support means you can also share any videos and animations created by Google Photos directly to your big screen as well. Also the new update allows you to  add name labels to images which will improve the machine learning experience. You now get a search screen page where the app shows you all the faces from your images collection. You can tap on these images, and add a label to them. Google says that this would eventually improve the overall search capability of the app. the best part about the labeling feature according to Google is the privacy of the labels, as Google stated “These labels are completely private to you and are not associated with a Google account or profile”.

So ahead and see if you have the updated version of the Google Photos application. If not, just download it using one of the 2 links provided below. Don’t forget to tell us about your experience with the new update in the comments section below.

Google Photos Price: Free

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