Google Hangouts has the 16.0 update fully rolled out and Android users have seen a small number of interesting changes regarding how the contacts are displayed on the app. Not only did this update fixed some bugs and improved performance, it removed some features in the interface which were regarded as not being worth having.

Hangouts had a dedicated Contacts view which listed all of one’s contacts and not only was it removed from the navigation drawer but was completely replaced by a list which is somewhat similar and is to be found under the new conversation screen.

Previously, the list was divided into two categories, namely Frequent and Your Contacts. The new list splits the Your Contacts option into a more convenient arrangement which includes the likes of On Hangouts or Not on Hangouts. The addition of a new indicator is surely welcomed as they now displays the last time a certain user has logged on onto Google Handouts.

This new arrangement is clearly the way to go in terms of convenience and at the same time it makes the task of sending a message to somebody who doesn’t have a Google Hangouts account more difficult. This change also takes effect when searching for a certain contact within the app.

Google Hangouts was not the only app to receive some attention from Google as the Mountain View based technology giant has stated that the Google Voice service will also receive regular updates as it will become more appealing. The last major update to Google Voice happened about five years ago and it is high time for Google to start developing this function.

Google Voice will have VoIP integration irrespective of the fact that the app only has SMS messaging functionality. The app will finally be able have the ability for users to make or receive calls within it, thus Google is aiming big to enter the voice messaging app market.

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