While Google’s Daydream VR headset was seeing applications being developed only by a select handful of partners until now, that’s no longer the case. In a similar fashion to how you would approach a regular Android app, you can now submit a Daydream VR headset app to Google’s Play Store. Of course, your app has to be good as well, but now you actually have the opportunity of having your app available on Google’s platform.

Google Daydream has been out for a while now, and ever since it was first announced, many app developers were waiting for this change to happen. Opening the Daydream app gates to all developers is something that Google touched on ever since Daydream was first announced. With that promise in mind, it looks like the time has come for all you developers out there to get your VR thinking caps out.

The submission process for VR apps will take a similar form to how regular apps are inspected prior to getting on the platform. If you have a VR app in mind for Google’s Daydream, you have to make sure that it meets the minimum requirements that Google is imposing on submissions. If you’re interested on what these requirements are, you can check them out here. Aside from that, you will also need motion intensity rating and 360-photosphere. The assets will be unique to your app.

Now that the doors have been opened for all developers, we will no doubt see a notable increase in VR app numbers for the Google Daydream headset. This might also lead to a spike in popularity as far as the gadget is concerned. Creating a quality app takes time however, so it might take some time before the new wave of apps make it on consumer devices.

The VR market is still in its early phases as the technology can still use some refining. However, it is still a prosperous environment due to the fact that both the public and organizations show great interest in the applications of this type of tech. In the not so distant future, VR is predicted to have a larger role in society.

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