Google is one of the biggest companies on the planet, and that shows tremendously in the variety  of services they provide for all user categories. Enterprise users are no exception, as Google facilitates numerous tasks for this user class.

One of the enterprise oriented services provided by Google is Google Cloud Search. With Google Cloud Storage, you will be given access to a tool which can be used to quickly and seamlessly find important data that you need. You will be able to search in a multitude of places such as the firm’s email, local computer drives as well as cloud storage.

The premise of this new Google tool is that you will have the means to acquire the information you need in order to carry out your duties. That means that you will also be able to access information pertaining to your colleagues or team members. Through Google Cloud Search you will be able not only to get a hold of their data, but also of their personal info. So if you have questions you can look up any colleague’s contact info and just give them a call so they can brief you on the situation. If you want to know more regarding their calendar marks or what events they will be attending, Cloud Search is able to help you with that as well.

With all the “will be able to” mentions, you would think that this feature represents a vulnerability in terms of security or privacy. That is not the case, because each user will have access to the information they are given permission to access. Through a permission system, restrictions can be set in place that keep the platform secure and privacy-friendly.

Google Cloud Search will be made available to users that are customers of the company’s G Suite Business and Enterprise service. The release date of this feature is slated to take place next week. To accommodate all client profiles, Google is bringing out support for 28 languages. This means that you will probably have no issue in learning how to use the service.

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