I was first acquainted with the very idea of “minimalism” when I was a student of the English literature about 10 years ago. The movement first started in poetry with a group of poets who refrained from gaudy and complex style of their predecessors and focussed on simplicity and austerity. Minimalism thus is any design or style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect. The minimalist streak later crept into all forms of modern arts and areas of creativity.

Its application in the user interface of smartphones and tablets, however, has made itself visible not very long ago. The introduction of plain and clean design in major operating systems for desktop computers (Windows 8) and smartphones (WP, Android and iOS7) has already paved the way in that direction. The popularity of apps with Holo design in Android is just another aspect of our growing love for minimalist design with clean look.

At DroidViews, we miss no opportunity to share with our readers any really good app and therefore we often come with the reviews of interesting apps that help enrich their mobile experience. Today we’ll see a few good weather apps that reveal the minimal face of weather with its beauty.

Nice Weather


Beautiful as it really is, Nice Weather app present the weather forecast reports in an eye-candy and minimal way. It displays the wind speed, temperature and precipitation on ever changing colorful background. The free version of the app does not come with any widget but if you purchase the pro app, you get the widgets too.

Sorry, this app is not available!

oW Weather


Another app to get weather on your Android phone in a beautiful way is oW (out of the window ) Weather. This app is free too and personally I like it more than Nice Weather. It has a flat  but stylish design and it shows accurate weather forecasts.

Sorry, this app is not available!



anpWeather is a great weather app minimalist interface. The weather forecasts are shown on colorful bars that further add to its beauty. The app also offers widgets to embellish your phone’s screen.

Sorry, this app is not available!

EZ Weather HD Forecast


EZ Weather HD is an easy way to enjoy clean weather with Holo interface. The app shows daily and hourly weather forecasts and also shows current weather condition in notification center. What makes this free app more desirable are the beautiful widgets for the homescreen.

Amber Weather Price: Free

So here ends our small list of 4 weather apps to get weather updates in clean and minimal way. If you love simplicity, I am sure you’ll love them all. Which one of these weather apps do you like most? Do not forget to share with us via comments. Cheers!


  1. I used to be kind of a weather app junkie. I like a nice, transparent widget with a clock and alternate weather screens that include several forecast breakdowns. In finally settled on 1Weather and like it quite a lot. It’s worth a look, if you haven’t already. Meanwhile, I’ll probably check out some of these.

    • Hi Mark, I just downloaded and checked out the 1Weather app after reading your comment. It’s really a good app, I agree. However, the apps I have listed above are not so popular and older. I try to cover newer apps thinking that more people come to know about them. : )

      • Oh, I getcha. I wasn’t lobbying for 1Weather to be included, just weighing in with my current choice. I love weather apps, especially up here in Maine where the weather changes by the hour. It’s a good list. I’m going to check out the ones you listed.

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