All new flagship smartphone come with a plethora of new features along with upgraded hardware specs. Smartphone manufacturers try their best to introduce gimmicks to attract users. Samsung brings improved air and motion gesture functionality with each new top model. To tackle the motion and gesture feature found on Samsung’s devices, HTC has also introduced its own Motion Launch Gesture functionality.

HTC introduced this feature in its latest flagship, the HTC One M8. As the very name says, the HTC One M8 Motion Launch Gesture feature lets you wake you phone from sleep and launch certain apps with finger motion gestures like double tap and swiping up, down, right and left.


Currently, the  Motion Launch Gesture feature is found only on the HTC One M8 and in Sense 6 based custom ROMs on the HTC One M7. If you do not own the HTC One M8 but still want this interesting feature on your Android phone, your wish can be fulfilled now. XDA senior member Acela1230 has developed an app called Knockr that lets you enjoy the same luxury of waking your phone from sleep and launching your favorite apps without having to unlock the device.

Before you get too excited, please note that Knockr works only on device that have OLED displays. Actually, the app uses a special trick that involves turning the screen pixels to black to make it look like it is in a state of sleep. Thus, the screen can recognize touch input even when the screen if off. Since the trick can be played only only on screens that use OLED technology, Knockr supports only OLED devices.

If you Android device meets this requirement, you can enjoy Knockr. The app has a very simple interface. After opening the app, you only need to assign apps to a certain touch gesture. The app currently supports 6 gestures that include double tap, long press, swipe up, down, left and right.


To save your device from accidental launch of apps by rub of your pocket, Knockr intelligently turns off itself when you put your phone into the pocket with its face down. We tested the app on several devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 3 and worked like a charm. If you want to have HTC One M8 Motion Launch Gesture feature on your device, Knockr is the app worth giving a shot.

See Knockr in action: click here

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