There are so many apps at the Play Store that can let you enjoy floating videos, app box, notes and so on but now we have a new multitasking app that, as its name suggests, is a package of as many as five little handy tools that most of us frequently use. You need not install different apps to get different tools.

The Tiny Apps for Android has been developed by XDA member wutk3ksHD and is now available at the Google Play in two variants- free, and paid. The app is very simple to use and does not demand delving into a long list of options and configuration. Using the app is as easy as installing it. Just place the app icons on your Android device’s home screen or a widget, tap on the required tool icon and you are good to go.

Tiny Apps lets you quickly launch and use tools like notes, sound recorder, calculator, painting canvas, calculator, and music player from anywhere across the OS. These floating popup windows stay atop all other apps and can be moved and resized. To move the floating windows, just tap the top area and drag it to anywhere you prefer. They can also be resized by tapping and dragging the right bottom corner.

Tiny Apps-screenshot

All these little apps are not just what they look like at the first sight. Each of them has a set of options that enhance its use even more. You can have access to all the options by taping on the menu dropdown icon at the left top corner of the windows. The tiny note and recorder apps let you save your text or voice notes to your device’s storage. You can even open saved notes and share them.

The tiny paint canvas has options like color picker, undo an action or clear the canvas. Similarly the tiny music player shows your music list with title and album cover, play/pause, previous/next, repeat and random play,etc.

Tiny Apps is a new app that needs little improvements here and there but the overall experience is satisfactory. The paid version of the app supports more features like dock windows to the left side of the screen and ability to change the windows’ transparency. We would recommend you to try the free version first and if you like it, buy the paid version.

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