The Fresh Slider is a new reworked version of an old MIUI lockscreen theme. Originally made by A-Liang, the present lockscreen theme has been modified and made compatible to run on Android phones with MIUI V4 and JB by YounG.No.7. As you can see, there is a LED style digital clock with semi-transparent background on the top of the unlock slider. Then you have three icons at the bottom of the slider with phone, message and unlock shortcuts.

By double tapping the time panel, you can activate the music player mode and the music control buttons appear the bottom of the slider. The theme-make has aslo attached some nice backgrounds for the lockscreen theme which you can download below. The theme is also compatible with the MiLocker app. Download the theme and the wallpapers from the link below and then apply the LS from Themes app. Since the original theme was in Chines, I have translated the Chinese text into English.

Download LS Theme: Link



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