Android is a multifarious operating system that is well-known for its multitasking capabilities. Every Android device has multitasking app switcher feature that allows you switch between various apps and work on them according to our convenience. The said feature of Android was further extended to a new horizon with the introduction of the multi-window/multiscreen feature in some high-end Samsung phones and tablets.The very idea of a not pad on the desktop originated from Microsoft Window and it later inspired mobile phone manufactures to introduce a more advanced version of this functionality. With the introduction of  floating applications, like the popup play video, popup notes, sticky note widget, for example,  users have access to a variety of applications that attempt to emulate the same experiences of these apps.

If you have been a Sony Xperia or Samsung Galaxy handset user, floating sticky notes would not sound a new idea to you. But the app we are going to talk of today is new in many ways and I have no reservations in saying that it is a more handy, practical, smoother that the note widgets from Samsung and Sony.

Floating Stickies App

The Floating Stickies is a very lightweight free app that has been developed by XDA member Mohammad_Adib. Having installed the app, you have a floating sticky note widget that always stays at the top of the screen. It is very easy to launch it. Just tap on a notepad, jot down your note and it is always before you eyes whatever you do. Whenever you think the note pad is not relevant or if you feel any obtrusion you can simply drag it to the left margin of the screen and it minimizes. What you can see then is a semi-transparent pen icon. To bring forth the note pad back to the screen, you will have to drag it to the right.

The notepads are of multiple colors, making it easy to distinguish one from the other. You can take your notes any time and anywhere. Other features include copying written words to clipboard, and pasting copied words onto the notepad. An app notification appears in the drop-down notification area, and when you tap it all the notepads are closed and the notes written on them is saved. You can view them later by launching the app again.

To conclude, Floating Stickies app is a very useful app that every Android phone user must have. The app is compatible with Android 2.3 and above and therefore it is accessible to about  80% od Android users.


Floating Stickies Price: Free

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