It seems these days that life is more hectic than ever. We always seem to be on the move, with our mobile devices buzzing away with emails and messages about things we have to do, or what we should do tonight. Wouldn’t life be a little easier if there were apps to get rid of some of the clutter?

With a view of making things a little easier, here are five apps to have on your phone:

Bar Finder

While we all have our local pub where we like to drink, sometimes we are in town and want to find somewhere new to drink. Using the location of your phone, the app can give you a list of the best bars in the area. There will probably be many to choose from, but the app manages to give you all the details you need to make the best choice.


When placing bets, sometimes it can be tricky to find the one that fits your needs, and where you should place it. The Bookee app is a new app that works like the Tinder for betting. Collating all of the bets from a number of bookies, it presents them to you, letting you push the unwanted bets left, and selecting the one you want by pushing it to the right. This helps you to find the best bet for you and makes the choice much easier.

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Bills can be a nightmare, especially if we lose control of what is paid and what isn’t. With BillTracker, you can keep an eye on what bills are due, and how much they cost. Aimed mainly at the people who don’t want to automatically pay their bills and want a little privacy, this helps to keep control of them, and when you actually want to make the payment.

Sky Go

Sometimes when watching television, you don’t want to be stuck in the front room. The Sky Go app allows you to watch all the Sky channels on the move, and most importantly in good quality. It should be noted of course that live streaming does tend to use up your data capacity, so make sure you use the app on Wi-Fi where possible. What this app can do though is allow you to enjoy some television out in the garden while you sunbathe, as long as your Wi-fi stretches out that far of course.


Passwords are the bane of our online existence. LastPass is a password manager that allows you to handle your passwords and pastes them into your web browser and other apps, saving you from having to remember them all. Passwords are our keys to almost everything we do online, so it is always important to keep them safe, and LastPass allows us to do that.

We all have apps that we see as essential to our daily lives, and these are just a few suggestions of some we find important. The key though is to make our lives as easy as possible, and thankfully there are plenty of apps to help us do just that.

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