Firefox Beta for Android

All of use use our phones to browse the web and if get a good browser app for yourself, you experience might enrich pleasantly. If you search the Google play for a web browser app you might find hundreds of them but only a few of them are capable of the whole of web on the small display of your Android smartphone. The Firefox web browser is one such app and given the fact that it’s desktop version is already a favorite of billions across the globe, the handheld version become an interesting choice. The regular version of the app has already been ruling for quite some time. There is yet another beta version of the browser, similar to the Chrome beta, that is getting more and more improved with each release.

Firefox Beta for Android has been now been updated to version 20.0.0228 and adds some new features and fixes to deliver a better web surfing experience. Some of the new changes that you’ll witness in the new version are:

  • Per-tab private browsing
  • Gingerbread and Honeycomb support for H.264/AAC/MP3 hardware decoders
  • Top Sites in about:home are now customizable
  • System requirements have been lowered to 384MB of RAM and QVGA displays
  • <canvas> now supports blend modes
  • Various <audio> and <video> improvements
  • GetUserMedia implemented for web access to the user’s camera and microphone (with user permission)

With Firefox Beta, you get to test the latest performance, customization and security enhancements before they are integrated in the next regular version. Thus using the beta version make you one of the first ones to enjoy new features. Get the sense of this exclusiveness and try the Firefox beta.

Firefox Beta for Android-SCREENS

Download Firefox Beta app (apk)

Firefox for Android Beta Price: Free

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