There was a time when terms like “tracking”, “spyware”,  “malware”, etc. were only a thing of concern for those who used computer with an internet connection. According to a recent official stat, Google alone blacklists more than 10000 websites for distributing online malwares that tend to track your online activity and steal sensitive data from your computer.

With our smartphone’s growing smarter and closer to us, most of us use it not only for making calls and staying connected and entertainment, but also store various important data for our convenience. It is said that the Google Play Store is the most vulnerable app store to such malwares and spying Trojans and though Google has been working hard to identify such apps and pull them down, no one can guarantee that it’ll be free of such tracking spies. Many times hackers bypass Google’s security check  by using techniques like reflection, API mirroring, etc.

Tracking is not always bad but what matters is the very question “who is tracking me and for what?”. There are apps on your Android phone that use GPS to track your geolocation and keyboard apps that keep record of what you type on your phone. While some of these trackers might not use our data for any illegal activity, there might be others who can do this. Such apps can monitor, record and access the data created by you while sharing with various apps on your Android device and send them to their bosses with grinning faces.

Android has so many apps that can detect spywares and malwares on your device and clean them but here is a new app that lets you see which app is using what connectivity feature to track you. This app called “Who is Tracking” creates a list of apps that can access connectivity features like Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and network data. By keeping an eye on the apps list, you can easily find the culprit when as soon as you notice anything abnormal.

Who is Tracking is a free app that is still under development. It has a very rough UI but what matters is its functionality and usability. The apps has some nice features like-

  • Real-time sound alert for traces of tracking
  • Mock Allocation
  • Who is tracking list
  • Deletes complete history related information

Download the App:

Sorry, this app is not available!

Install this app and run on your phone. I am sure you will be surprised to see the huge list of apps that use various connectivity features of your phone!

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