The year 2013 will be full of new big bangs both in terms of smartphone launches and arrival of several new operating systems for mobile phones like Tizen, Ubuntu Mobile, Jolla, Firefox OS, Aliyun, Open WebOS, etc. All these new operating systems will attempt to make a dent into the crowded smartphone market. It will really be interesting to see how successful they will be in challenging the ruling monarchs like iOS, Android or Windows Phone and changing the equation as we see it today. Let’s leave it to time!

You must be knowing that Mozilla is almost ready to with the new Firefox OS for smartphones. The company has already shown the demos of its new OS on various phones made by its partner OEMs. Mozilla has now released the Firefox OS Simulator 3.0 as on add-on for their Firefox web browser for desktops. This simulator is a responsive tool that lets the users experience the Firefox operating system for mobile directly on their computers.


You can easily download, install and setup the simulator on your computer. The size of the add-on is around 65 MB and can be downloaded from within the Add-ons section of the Firefox browser on your computer. Open the Firefox menu, select Add-ons and type “Firefox OS Simulator” in the search box. When it is downloaded, it will ask you to install. Having installed the simulator, you will be able to simulate the Firefox OS for mobile within a popup window.

Give it a try and have some sneak peek into the upcoming OS and let us know how is it!

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